Beepoly is a platform that connects customers with independent providers of variety of services, while allowing these providers to be entrepreneurial in building their online presence.

Providers on Beepoly are usually local providers, often in your neighborhood, and range from students in relevant topics to people with significant experience. Some people could be knowledgeable across a number of categories and therefore offer a variety of services.

The services offered on Beepoly are vast: tutoring, house cleaning, cooking, handiwork, yard work, other errands, repairs of electronics, appliances, but also fixing your lifestyle with fitness programs and dietary plans, stylists, planners, musicians, volunteering, expert advice from accountants, lawyers, businessmen, writing services, marketing, and many more.

Beepoly allows full freedom to providers (aka freelancers) to manage your business the way you see fit, but we can provide advice if needed. Just ask our support staff.

As a customer you will work with providers that are thoughtful of how they provide their services. Our providers are not restricted by rules and our belief is “Happy providers will provider better work”.

We strive for simplicity, so if you find the service difficult to use, let us know and we will continue to improve, making it easier for everyone.

Currently, we are lunching in New York City, but sign up and we will let you know when your city is available.

As a customer - you sign up, post a project and review offers or reach out to a specific provider to discuss working together. Pricing and provider reviews are transparent, so you it will be easy to find the right provider.

As a provider, sign up and post your profile online. Offering projects, wait for cusotmer to reach out or refer your existing client to use Beepoly for secure payment and ease of scheduling appointments.


As independent provider you are in charge of your work-life balance, you choose projects that you want to work on any given day and how many hours. You build your own persona and relationships through quality work. Be creative, be free, choose how you want to work. You are your own boss.

Be brief, creative and honest describing your work. Set fair prices and provide samples of your work. Also, read our ongoing blog for more detailed recommendations.

Pricing is transparent on Beepoly. Compare projects across listings, but also properly communicate the value of your work.


Providers on Beepoly do the work they do because they enjoy it, and they strive to deliver quality work because their personal reputation is on the line as they are working only for themselves.

Beepoly will provide transparent pricing, reviews and enough background information on providers for you make a quick and educated choice.


You can share as much or as little as you want on your profile page. No other information will be shared with any third-party.

When you find the right provider, you will help set aside an agreed upon amount for the services. Once project is completed and both parties confirm it’s completion the amount is released to the provider.

We accept Credit Cards, Debit, PayPal and more options will come later.


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